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Does your company want to work toward a diverse workforce and inclusive corporate culture? Then join Amsterdam – Diverse & Inclusive for free! This platform supports employers and employees from all sectors of Amsterdam’s labor market and provides access to a growing network of companies.

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What is Amsterdam -
Diverse & Inclusive?

Our ambition is to promote diversity and inclusion in the Amsterdam workplace. Diversity refers to the different groups represented in the workforce, such as cultural diversity, LGBT+, male/female ratio, age, and work ability. Companies with a high degree of diversity come up with innovative ideas faster, connect better with the labor market and society, and therefore also attract more new talent. Inclusion refers to a work culture in which every employee feels safe and valued.

Amsterdam – Divers & Inclusive is for all Amsterdam employers who want to work towards greater diversity and inclusion within their company or organization. Companies from different sectors of the labor market, private and public, large and SMEs are welcome. Both employers just (wanting to) start with diversity & inclusion and those already working on it can join.

Amsterdam is a city where many differences converge. As an employer, it is a great endeavor to see this diversity reflected in the organization. In doing so, you contribute to a labor market in which differences are valued and talents are used to their fullest potential.

In addition, a diverse workforce can contribute to increased profits, productivity and a positive image. It provides access to talent, customer groups and new markets. By joining us you can contact the Amsterdam – Divers & Inclusive helpdesk with all your questions about diversity and inclusion. We can help you (free of charge) with creating a Plan of Action, answer specific questions, or offer you (under certain conditions) a free training course.

Please contact us via email or our contact form. Are you already investing in more diversity and inclusion or looking to start? In either case, we look forward to working with you! We provide an urban platform of and for businesses and organizations from different sectors. Read what joining us entails here.

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