“We are joining the Amsterdam -Divers & Inclusive network because the issue of diversity and inclusion is close to our hearts, and we firmly believe in networking and collaboration. Many of the obstacles refugees encounter in their search for work also apply to other groups in society. Working towards more diversity and inclusion in the workplace will also make room for refugees. And vice versa: by working with employers to find work for status holders, and advising them how to do so, together we create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.” The Refugee Talent Hub is an employer initiative. They bridge the gap between employers and refugees, with paid work as their goal. They do this by facilitating meetings with refugees in the workplace at the employers who have joined them, advising them on working with status holders. The Refugee Talent Hub also tries to influence the image of refugees in the Netherlands: they are professionals born somewhere else. About 50 employers are affiliated. These are mostly the larger corporates, such as Accenture, Rabobank, IKEA, Arcadis ea. The Refugee Talent Hub operates nationwide and without subsidy: the Refugee Talent Hub is fully funded by employers.

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