Studentflex is out for lasting connections. An employment agency that actually starts from the candidates’ strengths. An agency that looks for motivations, interests and stumbling blocks. An agency that coaches, stimulates, activates. The long term is only achievable if you are genuinely interested in each other; in candidates, in clients. That’s why they don’t have endless pages of vacancies or present a long list of CVs to our clients. Studentflex talks, researches, analyses and mediates. That is how they distinguish themselves.

“Studentflex joins ADI because, as an employment intermediary, we have a direct impact on the workplace. We would like to be a sparring partner for ívery young talent. However, we noticed that we were still hard to reach and approach for certain groups. To properly address this challenge, we started to gather knowledge on diversity and inclusiveness from experts and entered into a partnership with ADI and JINC. In this way, we expect to achieve our goal. Besides reaching out to every young talent, we also hope to do our bit for diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace by conveying its importance to our clients who, in turn, directly influence the workplace.”

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