The Association of Leading Communications Agencies in the Netherlands (VEA) has created awareness of racism, diversity and inclusion in the Dutch media and communications industry with an open letter following the death of George Floyd.

In it, the VEA presented an action plan, committing itself to certain activities. Among other things, the VEA pledges that as of the 2021 jury year, 20% of the number of Effie jurors will be professionals from non-Western backgrounds.

Under the title “It has to be different, we feel responsible,” Marion Koopman (VEA board chair) and Talmon Kochheim (VEA director) self-critically addressed the entire industry:

“The events in the U.S. have brought to the surface what has long been a fact of life for many compatriots of color. Everyday racism exists and plays a major role in how we treat each other. And too much is not going right there. We are not yet an inclusive society and much exclusion happens almost unnoticed. Not being white often causes you to start at a disadvantage.”

Read the full letter here.



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