“We are happy to join ADI because we believe in an inclusive labour market where everyone gets equal opportunities. We like to connect with companies & institutions with the same mission and ambition to learn from each other and grow together.” Every child has talent. Including the hundreds of thousands of Dutch children who grow up in an environment with high unemployment and few role models. That is why JINC fights for a society where your background does not determine your future.

In which every child gets opportunities. To achieve this, JINC helps children aged 8 to 16 get a good start in the labour market. The JINC programme introduces them to various professions, helps them discover which work suits their talents and teaches them how to apply for a job. Thanks to JINC, more than 65,000 primary and secondary school pupils get the chance to grow every year. JINC works together with education and business partners. Their financial support and expertise are indispensable. Partners get something valuable in return: the chance to make a difference in children’s lives as well as the chance to invest in their businesses. They strengthen their connection with society and offer employees an inspiring experience. That’s why they like to say: everyone grows with JINC.

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