“We are joining Amsterdam – Diverse & Inclusive because we believe in the philosophy “practice what you preach.” Not only do we want to create equal opportunities with our recruiting solutions and services, we actively seek to make a positive contribution as a team. We will remain committed to working with our partners and clients to create an inclusive labor market with a level playing field where people are selected based on their knowledge and skills. We will not stop until we achieve this goal.”

Nxus is an Amsterdam startup that has developed an innovative bias-free career platform. Through Nxus, students and recent graduates with a focus on equal opportunity are matched to internships and graduate jobs based on the knowledge and skills gained during study. With this skills-based matching technique, Nxus removes all (unconscious) biases from the hiring process, and students build a verified skills passport at the same time. Nxus thus connects knowledge institutions, employers, students and alumni in an honest and innovative way.

Click here to read more about Nxus, or here to view the other members of the ADI network.

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