“Everything we develop at Tellow is focused on the future of self-employed people, in which a flexible labour market is central. At the same time, we ourselves also strive internally to be a future-oriented company that reflects the diversity in society. We want to be an employer where there is room for talent from all corners of society, where cultural, gender and age differences are embraced.Tellow is therefore happy to join ADI.” Tellow is an automated accounting programme, founded in 2016 as a venture of Rabobank, designed specifically for micro-businesses and self-employed people. The fintech company is a one-stop-shop for all financial matters for self-employed entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on business without worries. Using the app, users can create and send quotes and invoices and track their finances, among other things. Users can also easily scan their receipts and invoices. Every quarter, people can use the app to submit their VAT returns to the tax authorities in one click.

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