Mind at Work is an organization that moves at the intersection of labor, education and entrepreneurs. She works from a scientific framework, aiming to strengthen life skills. That is why Mind at Work’s staff translates scientific insights into methodologies and services, which are aligned with real-world practice, on a daily basis. Experienced psychologists and coaches provide psychological testing, counseling, job carving, individual coaching and training, focusing on the person at work or (back) to school or work.

Elly Zeef, director of Mind at Work, values her employees’ input when recruiting and selecting new talent. To ensure more balance between younger and older colleagues, management decided to involve several young colleagues in the application process. They participated in the recruitment process, for example by providing input on the formulation of job descriptions. Also, they had an influence in the selection of candidates. As a result, management wanted to increase the influx of young talent.

Got curious? Watch the interview with director Elly Zeef and her colleagues here.

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