The annual Pride in Amsterdam kicked off on Saturday, July 30. Amsterdam first organized the event in 1996 and over the years it has evolved from a celebration for the city to a nine-day festival that includes film festivals, sporting events, debate and culture, dance parties, a Pride Walk and several outdoor stages. During this edition, a Canal Parade will take place again after a two-year absence. More than 80 boats will sail through Amsterdam’s canals on Aug. 6.

Pride Amsterdam is not just any event. It symbolizes the open and tolerant city we want to be. We celebrate the freedom to be yourself. For twenty years the boat parade has been inseparable from Amsterdam and impossible to imagine our city center without.

Eberhard van der Laan
Former mayor of Amsterdam


The theme of Pride this year is ‘My gender, my pride’. Whereas in previous editions the focus was often on ‘being allowed to love who we want to love’ this year will focus more on ‘being allowed to be how we feel’. Here the diversity of gender identities is central.

“The struggle to also be allowed to deviate from the norm and from the sex we were given at birth in terms of gender identity is often underexposed, even within the community. We are going to try to change that this year,”

Lucien Spee de Castillo Ruiz
Director Pride Amsterdam Foundation

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Pride 2022 flags in Amsterdam


Discrimination in the workplace toward lhbti+ persons is still common. Thus, it is important for employers to become more aware of the processes of exclusion of lhbti+ employees in the workplace. You can do that by learning about your organizational culture.

Want to know more about this? SER Diversity in Business published the knowledge document “LGBT+ in the workplace” in 2020. It contains many practical tips on how to make your organization more lhbti+-inclusive. You yourself can also do your bit, for example by speaking to colleagues when you notice that they do not treat someone equally or by learning more about the history and stories of lhbti+ persons.

As a company or organization, how do you pay attention to Pride Month? Staff at Lepaya last year told about their approach and how they gave internal attention to this month in 2021.

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300+ activities in Amsterdam

From July 30 to August 7, there are more than 300 activities taking place in the city. A small sample of the offerings:

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