Bam! Pop authors is a professional association for songwriters and artists. This means they lobby organisations such as Buma/Stemra, Sena and Norma, and make themselves heard at OCW, the Pop Coalition, etc. Furthermore, BAM! Pop Authors offers members all kinds of services, such as monthly webinars, a legal consultation hour, info evenings, and get-togethers. “BAM! Pop Authors represents all creators of pop music in the broadest sense, both artists and songwriters, in all styles related to pop music. We champion the interests of these creators and want them to be able to use our services. In this way, we contribute to the richness of the musical landscape. BAM! Pop Authors is an association run for and by its members. Our organisation should be inclusive in order to properly represent the diversity of our members and thus the richness of today’s pop music landscape. We believe that an inclusive and diverse organisation strengthens the quality of cultural offerings and pop music in particular. The knowledge sharing that ADI provides is very important for us to serve and represent our members (artists and songwriters) even better.”

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