Inclusive recruitment, how does it work? Those looking to bring in diverse talent would do well to recruit as inclusively and broadly as possible. Amsterdam – Divers & Inclusive spoke to the Werkgeversservicepunt Groot-Amsterdam (WSP) about what such inclusive recruitment actually entails.

‘Companies that recruit and select broadly can fish from a bigger pond. As a result, they bring in more quality. That is good for the organisation. Last but not least, diversity gives a company a positive image. This can lead to more customers, but also to more applicants. After all, someone is more likely to apply for a vacancy if, on the About Us page of the company website, he can recognise himself in the people already working there.’

ADI and WSP came up with five insights that form the basis of inclusive recruitment. One is not to rely on a ‘click’ by being aware of your unconscious biases. People often say ‘We want the best candidate!’. However, who you see as the ‘best candidate’ is highly coloured by your own personal preferences. Another important point is trying out new recruitment channels. If you get candidates in through the network of your already existing staff, you usually won’t manage to reach many new target groups.

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You can find the whole article here on the Employer Service Point website. WSP helps employers in the Greater Amsterdam region with the recruitment and selection of personnel and offers assistance in applying for subsidies. As an employer, you can bring your vacancies to the attention of WSP, after which they will match you with jobseekers with a distance to the labour market.

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